What's It Going to Cost Me?

Sermon: “What’s It Going to Cost Me?”
Scripture: Luke 14: 25-35
Speaker: Pastor Mick Whistler

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

1. This morning we are talking about “The Cost of Discipleship.” Have you experienced this cost? If so, how has your life been affected?

2. Read Luke 14:25-27. What do you think Jesus was talking about?

3. According to verse 25, who was with Jesus at this point in the story? What did He say they must be willing to do in order to be His disciple?

4. What is the first example that Jesus uses to describe the seriousness of following Him? What does He mean by “hate”? Should a person hate his parents or spouse? Compare this with Matthew 10:37.

5. Talk about your love for Christ in comparison to everything else and everyone else in your life. Why should Jesus be honored above all else if we are going to follow Him?

6. In your life...what do you count as the cost of serving Jesus?

7. Are you prepared to surrender everything and every relationship you have to follow Jesus?

Prayer for the Week:

Dear Lord, as I look to the future, I will place my trust in You. If I become discouraged, I will turn to You. If I am afraid, I will seek strength in You. You are my Father, and I will place my hope, my trust, and my faith in You. Amen.