Saved to Serve

Sermon: “Saved to Serve”
Scripture: 1 Timothy 1: 12-17
Speaker: Pastor Diane Mendelson

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

This morning we are continuing our study through the lectionary...we will be looking at 1 Timothy 1: 12-17. This text exemplifies a very grateful and thankful apostle named Paul.

1. Read 1 Timothy 1: 12-17 from several different translations.

What are some similarities to the text? What are the differences? How do the various translations either help or not help you understand how Jesus appointed or considered Paul for service. What are some areas that Paul was thankful for? Discuss these areas.

2. Discuss what you know about Paul (Acts 9). What was Paul’s condition prior to receiving Christ? What dramatic changes took place in his life that might have him thanking the Lord? What kind of people in today’s world would be comparable to Paul? Who did Christ come into the world to save?

3. What do you notice about Paul’s attitude towards his previous condition? What about his attitude towards his present condition? What about you? What do you notice about your previous condition and your present condition?

4. What are two reasons Paul gave as to why he obtained mercy? Are you worthy of that mercy? How are you reminded of Christ’s merciful grace upon your life?

5. What short burst of praise did Paul offer in verse 17? What do you notice about Paul’s thanks to Christ earlier in the text and energy in verse 17?

Prayer for the Week:

Heavenly Father, your gifts are greater than I can imagine. May I live each day with thanksgiving in my heart and praise on my lips. Thank you for the gift of Your Son and for the promise of eternal life. Let me share the joyous news of Jesus Christ, and let my life be a testimony to His love and His grace. Amen.