Authority: What Christians Should Know

Sermon: “Authority: What Christians Should Know”
Scripture: Various Scripture From Proverbs
Speaker: Pastor Diane Mendelson

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

This morning we conclude our Summer Sermon Series…Solomon Says. Over the Summer we have had the opportunity to glean Godly wisdom from the Book of Proverbs that deal with many areas of our life. This morning we are going to glean wisdom regarding authority. Throughout life, we will always deal with the matter of authority. Sometimes we find ourselves in positions of authority and often times we find ourselves having to submit to authority.

1. Can you recall times in your life when you experienced both authority and submission? What did that look like? How did you deal with both?

2. Authority and submission are words that make people uncomfortable. What comes to mind when you think of those words? Have you ever associated these words with favorable attitudes or good situations?

3. Who is the person in your life that is the hardest to submit to? Why?

4. Have you ever come to respect someone to the point where you wanted to submit to their authority? How difficult was it to get to that point in your relationship? Did it happen quickly?

5. Read 1 Peter 2:21-23. Is it easier for you to submit to people in your life when you know that you are following the example of Christ? In what way can submitting like Christ be a source of power in your life? In what way can submitting like Christ be a witness to the lost in the world? How might submitting like Christ glorify God?

Prayer for the Week:

Dear Lord, help me be an honorable role model to others. Let the things that I say and the things that I do show everyone what it means to be a follower of Your Son. Amen.