The Road Less Traveled

Sermon: “The Road Less Traveled”
Scripture: Proverbs 4: 10-19
Speaker: Pastor Mick Whistler

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

Read Proverbs 4:10-19.

Remember the Footprints in the Sand* poem? The imagery is of a man walking along a beach viewing two sets of footprints that soon become one. He questions God about the single set of prints remaining when things got tough. God’s reply was, “it was then that I carried you.”

This passage in Proverbs reminds us too, that God will always be near – it instructs us in the way of wisdom, leads us along straight paths, reminds us our steps will not be hampered, that we will not stumble. We have a choice to make – hold on to the instruction, guard it and remain in the light or set our foot on the path of the wicked which is in deep darkness. When we remain in the light our eyes can be open to God’s leading and we can see life through His lens. Even Balaam’s donkey (and later Balaam himself) saw through God’s lens. (See Numbers 22:21-39.)

The other caution given is to avoid walking the way of evildoers. Even friends can lead us down the wrong path. We find the terrain rocky and dangerous; we get confused about the way to go; our footing is unsure and we stumble and fall. We are not guaranteed a problem-free life when we follow the instructions from The Lord, but we can be confident that He is standing with us, holding us up.

When you feel the heavy influence to be enticed away from the righteous path, proceed with caution. Solomon says… call out “Abba, Father…I need your help.” He will answer.

*Footprints in the Sand reference

Submitted by the Apologetics Sunday Morning Class