The Ascension of Christ

Sermon: “The Ascension of Christ”
Scripture: Acts 1: 1-11
Speaker: Pastor Diane Mendelson

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

1. Read Acts 1:1-11. This passage is full of awe and wonder. What do you think is the most important part of this passage? Why?

2. How long did Jesus appear to His apostles according to v. 3?

3. Look at Acts 1:3-5 and Luke 24:45-49. Discuss what Jesus did and told his followers after His resurrection. What instructions and insights did Jesus give His followers concerning the Holy Spirit?

4. What did Jesus mean by saying: “you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit"?

5. Look at Acts 1:6. What do you think was more important to the disciples? Was it God’s kingdom or their position in it? What are your thoughts on His response in v. 7?

6. Jesus clarifies that the kingdom is not just about physical Israel. To what extent must the kingdom be extended (Acts 1:8)? Has there been a time in your own life where you were looking for something that you thought was important and Jesus gave you an answer that changed your perspective? How did that make you feel?

7. What thoughts do you think were going through the disciples mind during the incident of Acts 1:9-11? What goes through your mind? Have you ever felt like Jesus has left you “high and dry”? If you were one of the apostles, how would you have felt about Jesus leaving?

8. Do you have to be someone or something “special” in order for God to use you?

Prayer for the Week:

Dear God, it is through Jesus Christ that you revealed to me a power like no other. May each of us be enlightened, not only to this power but also to what it has done in each of our lives. We ask that you pour out your Spirit of power upon us so that we may indeed receive your grace. Amen.