“The Gate”

Sermon: “The Gate”
Scripture: John 10: 1-10
Speaker: Pastor Mick Whistler

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

So far, in our “Who is Jesus” series we have looked at the following “I Am” statements: I Am the Shepherd, I Am the Light of the World, I Am the Bread of Life and this morning we have... “I Am the Gate.”

Read John 10:1-10.

1. In these verses, Jesus refers to some individuals as robbers and thieves. What do you think Jesus meant by this? Who or what do you think Jesus had in mind when he used the terms robbers and thieves? Who or what are the robbers and thieves in our times?

2. If Jesus is the gate, then there must be fence. Fences can be used to keep things in, keep things out, or a combination of both. When might each be good?

3. Pastor Mick shared with us the Pharisees’ tradition of “putting a fence around the Torah.” What does this mean? (hint: remember 613 Jewish laws) Why did the Pharisees do this? Do you think this was a method of fencing in or fencing out?

4. What does it mean for Jesus to be the Gate? To what is He the gate?

5. How might the temple curtain being torn from top to bottom, when Jesus was crucified, help us better understand what it means for Jesus to be the gate?

Prayer for the Week:

Gracious and Heavenly Lord, I praise you and thank you for being the keeper of my life. When I stray from you and I get lost in the midst of the world, I know that you are always at the gate to shepherd me back into your loving arms. I give you all the glory, Lord, and I thank you for being my Savior. Amen.