Keep on Keepin’ On

Sermon: “Keep on Keepin’ On”
Scripture: 2 Timothy 3: 14 - 4: 5
Speaker: Pastor Mick Whistler

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

1. Read 2 Timothy 3: 14-4: 5. What do you think are the main points in this text? Discuss.

2. Pastor Mick shared about a former boss who encouraged his staff to “Keep on keepin’ on.” What do you think he meant by that? In what way is Paul encouraging Timothy to do the same?

3. What do you think Paul means by “All Scripture is God-breathed”?

4. Paul says the Scriptures “are able to make you wise for salvation” and they help us to be “thoroughly equipped for every good work.” What do you think he means? Do you agree? Have you experienced this for yourself?

5. Paul lists four things in verse 16 for which Scripture is useful. What are those things? Do you allow Scripture to be used in those ways in your own life? Why or why not?

6. What do you think Paul means when he tells Timothy to “be prepared in season and out of season”? How prepared are you?

7. What are the “itching ears” Paul describes in verse 4:3? Are ears still just as itchy today as they were back then? Why?

8. What does it mean to turn from truth and turn aside to myths? Is that common today? If so, what are some examples? Have you ever been guilty of this?

9. Do you think Paul is speaking only to vocational ministers or is he talking to everyone who follows Christ? What does this mean for you?

Prayer for the Week:

Lord, you know that being Christian isn’t always easy in this world. Help us, even in the midst of hardships and persecutions, to “keep on keepin’ on.” Help us to keep the faith and share our faith with others. Help us to continue growing in our faith, searching the Scriptures and studying your Word together with other faithful followers of Jesus. May your holy Word teach, rebuke, correct and train us in all righteousness, that we may be wise for salvation, and share this wisdom with all who will listen. Help us to discharge all the duties of a disciple, that we might make new disciples and transform the world, through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ our risen Lord and Savior. And may you receive all honor and glory, Almighty God. Amen.