Attitude of Gratitude

Sermon: “Attitude of Gratitude”
Scripture: Luke 17: 11-19
Speaker: Pastor Mick Whistler

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

1. Read Luke 17:11-19. What are your initial thoughts about this text?

2. Think about the day when these ten men realized they had been afflicted with leprosy. What kind of thoughts do you think they had? What do you think crossed their minds regarding their future for themselves and their family?

3. The border between Samaria and Galilee is about 35-40 miles from the cities where Jewish priests used to dwell. What are some reasons why Jesus didn’t heal these men right away, but sent them far away instead?

4. What is our modern day leprosy? Is there a group of people that may not be easily received by the church? What specific actions could you take to make those people feel welcomed?

5. Why do you think only one returned to thank Jesus? What’s up with the other nine? Do you think Jesus was disappointed about the nine not returning to him? Why or Why not?

6. Do you think you have ever disappointed Jesus by similar behavior as these nine men showed toward Jesus?

7. What was the added benefit of the one that did return? What do you think is the difference between “well” and “healed”?

Prayer for the Week:

Dear Lord, I realize that I have neglected to thank you for so many blessings. You’ve blessed me and waited for me to run back to you with thanks, and I’ve gone my own way. Forgive me for taking you for granted. Whatever my circumstances, whether good or bad, triumphal or tragic, let my response always reflect a God-honoring attitude of optimism, faith and love for You. Amen.