"I Am... the Light of the World"

Sermon: “I Am...the Light of the World”
Scripture: John 8: 12
Speaker: Pastor Diane Mendelson

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

This morning we begin a seven-week sermon series on “Who is Jesus.” During this series we will have the opportunity to study the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus, as shared in the Gospel of John in which He tells us beyond a shadow of a doubt, who He is and why we need Him. Today’s passage contains the second of seven “I Am” statements in the Gospel of John. Today, we read in John 8:12 that Jesus is “the light of the world.”

1. What is the brightest light you have ever seen? How did you feel in the presence of that bright light? What is the darkest dark that you have ever experienced? How did you feel when you were surrounded by darkness? Which do you prefer? How important is light in the world today?

2. Read John 8:12. Where is Jesus when he says these words from verse 12? What festival of the Jews is taking place, that as some theologians will share, served as a backdrop for the words He spoke? (Read John 7:2 and 7:14) What does this feast commemorate? (Leviticus 23:42-43) How did God lead the children of Israel when they wandered in the wilderness after leaving Egypt? (Exodus 13:21-22)

3. When Jesus says, “I am the light of the world,” how is He claiming the name of God for himself?

4. How might we more effectively reflect Jesus’ identity as the light of the world and our role as the light of the world in our lives and faith community?

5. How have you shared the light of Jesus with those who are possibly walking in darkness? Do you remember what your biggest challenge in sharing the light of Jesus was?

Prayer for the Week:

Most gracious God in Heaven, I come before you this day, praising you and thanking you for being the “light in my life.” This world is full of darkness and it is certainly frightening at times. It is in those scary, dark times that I remember and embrace your “light and love.” Lord, thank you for being the light in this broken world and for offering me...hope. Help me to be a beacon of light to all those living in darkness. It is in your name, I pray. Amen.