“Selling the Sizzle”

Sermon: “Selling the Sizzle”
Scripture: Matthew 3: 1-6, 13-17
Speaker: Pastor Mick Whistler

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

Read Matthew 3:1-6, 13-17.

1. How is John the Baptist the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy? (hint: see verse 3) What Old Testament Scripture is verse 3 quoting?

2. Why might John the Baptist’s appearance be significant? How does his appearance and style compare to that of the religious leaders of the day?

3. Pastor Mick talked about “selling the sizzle.” Were the Pharisees “selling the right sizzle” in their day? Why or why not?

4. Why do you think Pastor Mick described baptism as a gift from God? What does baptism mean to you?

5. Pastor Mick discussed a vertical and horizontal aspect to the baptismal covenant. What did he mean by that? Do you agree?

How is this related to The Greatest Commandments?

6. Do you agree with Pastor Mick that sometimes we tend to create Jesus in our own image to make him more comfortable? Why or why not?

7. What does it mean to fulfill your baptism? How are you doing with that?

Prayer for the Week: (from UMH #253)

Father in heaven, at the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan you proclaimed him your beloved Son and anointed him with the Holy Spirit. Grant that all who are baptized into his name may keep the covenant they have made, and boldly confess him as Lord and Savior, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, One God, in glory everlasting. Amen.