“Give Me More...of Jesus”

Sermon: “Give Me More...of Jesus”
Speaker: Pastor Diane Mendelson

Scripture and questions for study and reflection:

What is Gluttony?
The English word comes from the Latin and means “to gulp.” Gluttony idolizes food to feed our own self-love. Merriam-Webster defines gluttony as "habitual greed or excess in eating...greedy or excessive indulgence."

When you think of the word gluttony, what is your understanding of it? How might or how does gluttony affect you?

Read the following Scripture texts: Luke 12:22-23, Proverbs 23:19-21, and John 6:35…what do each of these texts reveal to you about “gluttony”? Do these texts reveal anything new that might relate to you?

Read Titus 2:11-14. This text talks about “self-control.” When you think about “self-control” do you think about it with joy and freedom or with a sense of loss and sadness? What things have shaped your thinking of “self-control” and how can God help you to value the positive impact of “self-control” in your life?

Read Matthew 6:25-34. Do you believe that you have what you have because of God’s care? Of the things you have…what comes because of your hard work and careful planning? Does God get credit for having any part in your ability to work hard? Jesus talks about worry in this text…In what ways have you sensed that your commitment to Jesus has reduced the “worry factor” in your life? Are there burdens or worries that you would like to ask Jesus to help you lay aside?

Prayer of the Week:

Gracious God in Heaven, please fill me with an appetite that reflects a goodness for you. You told us Lord, that we do not live by bread alone…I ask that you forgive me when I let my appetite for life take your place at the center of my being. Help me to have eyes to see when I am not being honest about my own self-indulgence. Help me to remember you, Lord and to desire your love and to remember your promise to set me free from anything that does not come from you. Help me to always seek you and your kingdom of righteousness. Amen.