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For decades, the UMC has supported Grace Children’s Hospital in Haiti. The hospital provides life-saving and life-enhancing treatments to children in Haiti, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay. In recent years, however, the Hospital’s ability to serve the children of Haiti has experienced tremendous financial strains, especially after the earthquake of 2010 and the many hurricanes and tropical storms that batter the country every year.  The result is a hospital teetering on bankruptcy. If this hospital were to close, children and families would suffer greatly. We at Grand Lake UMC may not be able to solve the problem single-handedly, but “By George, We Can Make a Difference.” We are partnering with other UMC’s in the eleven county Northwest Plains District to make such a difference. Each county is committed to raising $50,000 for the hospital. We’re doing it by inviting everyone in our congregations to give just $1 per week per person toward this cause. It doesn’t sound like much, but when we all do it together, it adds up fast. “By George, We Can Make a Difference!” To be a difference maker, just send in your dollars once a quarter (or monthly or weekly, whatever works best for you), mark them “By George,” and know that you are making a huge difference in the lives of children and families in Haiti. Thank you for your support.